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What is freedom
For you and me?
Is it a privilege or
A sense of royalty?

Is it something like
Ornaments and clothes?
That can be bought
With stack of notes

Is it something
In a fairy-tale,
Which many want
But tend to fail?

Is it something
Like the moving air
Which we can’t see or feel
But all can share?

What does freedom really mean
for you and me?
It is not just a privilege
Nor a sense of royalty

It is not a festivity bonus
Or any fringe benefit
Drawn against any deposit
It is rather a birthright
For which we fight

- Ms Monalisa Mohanty Primary


चला खाऊया पुरणपोळी 
कारण आता आली होळी,
काका-काकी, आजी-आजोबा,
सगळ्यांना आपण रंगवू 
होळी कशी खेळतात ते सर्वाला आपण दाखवू

वातावरण झाले आता
खूपच गरम गरम,
पांढरा सदरा घालूया आता
सगळे नरम-नरम 

राम आण पाणी, श्याम आण रंग 
खेळू होळी त्यासंग 

- अन्वेशा पितळे (५/अ)

The Secret to Happiness is Freedom... And the Secret to Freedom is Courage

The globe is talking about the importance of freedom. But are we in alignment with the elements of nature when we talk about this. All our problems today exist because we have taken freedom for granted. Wherever we are do we really care for people and things around us? Do we feel the need to be a part of solution to make this world a better place? It's time we look beyond ourselves and see the larger picture, where 'Freedom is synonymous to Responsibility'. Are we ready to take the road in this direction or are we selfishly looking at petty things and fighting for Rights; the other side of which is Duty. Let's watch out for values like Empathy, Sensitivity and Mindful Attitude to initiate change. There are vicious ideas like corruption, communalism and politics that is taking the better out of us. Ensure that we are a part of the team that will ring in a Bright Future for our children and pass on a legacy of honest practices. We need to curb our greed of exploiting Mot…


When it rains, the crops grow
When it rains, the water flows

Rain, Rain… come home…
To make the farmer’s crop grow…

Trees are happy and plants grow
Children play in the rain with a glow

When children glow… the parents smile.
Everybody smiles… when it rains like River Nile.

Rain is most precious for India,
Go East, Go West… rain is the best

I love rain for it is like a saint of God,
I love rain for it can make things grow…

If floods come, it is a tragedy
Then, it is a sinking melody...

- Shaurya Patkar Grade 4

Helpful Hands

It was a bright sunny day. Mr. David was about to go for his office meeting. Suddenly, he saw his shoes were dirty. He decided to get it polished from the cobbler.

He went to the cobbler’s shop. While the cobbler was polishing his shoes, Mr. David saw a little girl sitting next to the cobbler. She was reading an old book. Mr. David asked, “does she go to school?” Cobbler said, “I don’t have money to pay her school fees.” And hence, he brings books for her from the scrap to read. Mr. David said, “now onwards I will pay for her school fees” and asked to put her in school. The girl was bright in her studies and after she completed her studies, she got a job in a big company.

Like Mr. David she also decided to help poor kids to study and make their future bright like hers.

Moral - Help the needy.

- Manan Tailor Grade 5

The Wise Frog

Ekkabudhi was a frog who lived in a pond with his wife. There were many fishes in the pond. The frogs and the fishes were good friends.

One evening, two fishermen were returning home with the day’s catch from the river and they passed by the pond. They were surprised to see the pond full of fishes. The fishermen decided to come the next day and cast their nets in the pond.

Ekkabuddhi who was resting at the pond’s edge heard them speak. Ekkabuddhi went to the fishes and warned them of the great danger they were all in. But the fishes did not pay heed to his warning. They just laughed at his concern and tried to comfort him. But Ekkabuddhi was a wise frog. He and his wife decided to leave the pond before the fishermen cast their nets.

Soon afterwards, the fishermen came and cast their nets several times into the pond. As the fishes tried to escape, they were soon caught in the net.

Ekkabuddhi and his wife watched in horror as they saw their poor friends being caught and taken away by the fi…