Helpful Hands

It was a bright sunny day. Mr. David was about to go for his office meeting. Suddenly, he saw his shoes were dirty. He decided to get it polished from the cobbler.

He went to the cobbler’s shop. While the cobbler was polishing his shoes, Mr. David saw a little girl sitting next to the cobbler. She was reading an old book. Mr. David asked, “does she go to school?” Cobbler said, “I don’t have money to pay her school fees.” And hence, he brings books for her from the scrap to read. Mr. David said, “now onwards I will pay for her school fees” and asked to put her in school. The girl was bright in her studies and after she completed her studies, she got a job in a big company.

Like Mr. David she also decided to help poor kids to study and make their future bright like hers.

Moral - Help the needy. 

- Manan Tailor
Grade 5


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