When it rains, the crops grow
When it rains, the water flows

Rain, Rain… come home…
To make the farmer’s crop grow…

Trees are happy and plants grow
Children play in the rain with a glow

When children glow… the parents smile.
Everybody smiles… when it rains like River Nile.

Rain is most precious for India,
Go East, Go West… rain is the best

I love rain for it is like a saint of God,
I love rain for it can make things grow…

If floods come, it is a tragedy
Then, it is a sinking melody...

- Shaurya Patkar
Grade 4


  1. Thats a beautiful poem Shaurya..keep up the good work..😘

  2. Shaurya.....sweetheart....u always rock...😘

  3. Lovely poem Shaurya. Am so proud to tell everyone that I am your aunt.

  4. Superb poem bacha....keep it up

  5. Superb poem shaurya keep it up👍

  6. Beautiful write and such maturity of words and thoughts!! Loved it! Awesome!! Keep penning :)


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