The Wise Frog

Ekkabudhi was a frog who lived in a pond with his wife. There were many fishes in the pond. The frogs and the fishes were good friends.

One evening, two fishermen were returning home with the day’s catch from the river and they passed by the pond. They were surprised to see the pond full of fishes. The fishermen decided to come the next day and cast their nets in the pond.

Ekkabuddhi who was resting at the pond’s edge heard them speak. Ekkabuddhi went to the fishes and warned them of the great danger they were all in. But the fishes did not pay heed to his warning. They just laughed at his concern and tried to comfort him. But Ekkabuddhi was a wise frog. He and his wife decided to leave the pond before the fishermen cast their nets.

Soon afterwards, the fishermen came and cast their nets several times into the pond. As the fishes tried to escape, they were soon caught in the net.

Ekkabuddhi and his wife watched in horror as they saw their poor friends being caught and taken away by the fishermen.

Moral Be prepared for the trouble and you will escape it.

- Het Paurana
Grade 5


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