The Secret to Happiness is Freedom... And the Secret to Freedom is Courage

The globe is talking about the importance of freedom. But are we in alignment with the elements of nature when we talk about this. All our problems today exist because we have taken freedom for granted. Wherever we are do we really care for people and things around us? Do we feel the need to be a part of solution to make this world a better place? It's time we look beyond ourselves and see the larger picture, where 'Freedom is synonymous to Responsibility'. Are we ready to take the road in this direction or are we selfishly looking at petty things and fighting for Rights; the other side of which is Duty. Let's watch out for values like Empathy, Sensitivity and Mindful Attitude to initiate change. There are vicious ideas like corruption, communalism and politics that is taking the better out of us. Ensure that we are a part of the team that will ring in a Bright Future for our children and pass on a legacy of honest practices. We need to curb our greed of exploiting Mother Nature and live a life keeping in mind the 'Joy of Giving'. This Independence Day let's all come together and look at 'Taking Ownership' to spread a sense of belongingness among fellow citizens. Together we can make not only our country but the whole world a better place for our future generations. So the next time you talk about freedom and personal space also think about how responsible you are in all walks of life. 

Happy Independence Day!!!

- Beena Thaker
Head Secondary


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