Stress Management

“Set Peace of Mind as your highest Goal,
 and organize your life around it…”

Now-a-days stress is a common factor for each and everyone in this world. Stress affects your health in many ways that you may not be aware of, from headaches to insomnia to decreased productivity. Stress may impact your mood, your behaviour, our work or your studies. In short, stress can affect every aspect of your life. In fact, most of the diseases are caused due to stress. Migraine is the worst thing a person can ever experience. These things affect us a lot in life. Due to increased competition in this world, from small children to senior citizens everyone is hit by the stress bomb. Maintaining your health and managing stress should be your first priority in life.

People suggest everyone to relax when they are stressed. But we people don’t have time for it. The main reason is that we don’t give priority to our body. For example if we burn a candle from both the ends, the candle will burn out completely. Similarly if we tend to do things which are not our cup of tea then it is but obvious that we will also be stressed just like the candle and will burn out. So here are a few things to do when you are stressed:
  • Close your eyes and remember your favourite song and start singing it. This will help your mind to be fresh.
  • Make a to-do list and mark one by one as and when you finish it.
  • Have healthy nutritious food at proper time. This will help you maintain your body too.
  • Smile and Laugh. Laughter is the best therapy according to me. When people are stressed, they often hold a lot of stress on their faces. So laughs and smiles can help relieve some tension and improve the situation.
  • Meditation
  • Proper Sleep
  • Learn to say NO
  • Persuade your hobby

Students are stressed a lot due to studies. MARKS is the main reason for this stress. When you are in 10th std you have to worry about your board exams and marks scored there for your admission for FYJC and SYJC. Once you have completed your 10th and you are in college, the next battle is for UNIVERSITY admission and 12th std Board exams. Once you are a university student, you have to worry about your higher grade studies and then get a good job. Now once you get a good job and start earning it will be time for your marriage and so the cycle goes on… It’s a tedious task to overcome all these stress.

STRESS should be reduced. It is all because of peer pressure, work pressure etc. Overcoming it is a challenge to you! Challenges are the best part of our lives. So be HAPPY. Keep SMILING and enjoy each and every moment of your life with any tension.

“Life is like a cup of tea.
It is all in how you make it!!”

 - Reshma Nair
Class 10/D


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